Led Grow Light for Cannabis



led grow light for cannabis




SECTOR:  LED horticulture lighting


CROPS: Cannabis


TECHNOLOGY: Led grow light 351




These lights are amazing!


Recently I've been completing a shelving expansion to max out my growing capacity and these lights are exactly what I've been looking for. Been using fluorescent T5s for years and was getting tired of heat issues, replacing bulbs and spilling glass shards and mercury all over the place every time I broke one. I'm already using Transcend's LED T5 retrofit lamps in some of my fluorescent fixtures but for new construction the Led grow light 351 made a lot more sense. I can surface mount them which allows more shelves on each unit and they snap together giving me seamless light with fewer cables dangling everywhere. Above all, my plants love the full spectrum output! I'm seeing faster root development and tighter node spacing. Definitely recommend giving these a try!

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