Indoor green plants are loved by people because they can improve air quality, happiness, and mood; Usually, we keep green plants in sunny places. Occasionally, there will be insufficient light or cloudy days; The function of SunPar Gro Clip Grow Light indoor plant lights is to provide sufficient light for green plants and provide energy for their photosynthesis. The grow lights with flexible gooseneck can be rotated 360 degrees suitable for balconies, greenhouses, darkrooms, offices, and so on. Widely apply to the culture solution, gardening, and potted plants, especially when the plant needs extra light when raining, snowing, dark indoors, etc.

  • Simulating natural light, especially red light, can make plants better photosynthesize to promote healthy growth

  • The clip-on plant grow light with LCD display timer and RF Wireless Remote Controller, solved the trouble of control inflexibility of traditional grow light, professionally designed for indoor garden plants with 72 LEDs and 9.8 feet controller cables.

  • The LED grow lighting fixture is equipped with a flexible gooseneck and strong clamp, allowing you to adjust the direction of the light for the best coverage around your indoor plants. Additionally, a free professional DC power plug is provided to increase

  • Low power consumption, low cost, high efficiency, long lifespan,energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.




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