Parsys Pro 380 is suitable for indoor growing and it can fit growing racks of 2 feet, 4 feet and other different sizes. This item is foldable and easy to install. When using this product, the space between layers can be saved and uniform light can be achieved at a relatively close distance.

  • Optimized full spectrum .Specifically fills with high efficient far-red light, Parsys Pro Max reaches a incredible EFF 2.8 μmol/J. Guiding and boosting flowering stage.

  • 14mm ultra slim design

  • Self-locking waterproof connector. Plug & play, the installation is fast and easy.

  • Higher efficiency with output 1848 μmol/s and minimalism designed for both hobbyists and commercial projects.

  • Saving up to 27% energy comparing to HPS.

  • Daisy chain T-shape interconnection cables are customizable based on projects requirements.

  • >50,000 hour lifespan at Q90.

  • Harder glue coating technology. Higher protection level up to IP66, safer in operating, and fast heat dissipation.

  • UL8800 standards compliant.

  • New engineering foldable design. Packaging size perfectly matches the standard container size.

  • 45% less weight, while greatly saving installation time.




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