To help growers obtain more yield, we launched 840W LED horticulture light Solify Max, which has an ultra-high efficiency of 2.8 umol/J. Compared with 600W LED light,55% light output will be increased. Compared with HPS,20% energy consumption can be saved. LED has lower heat output, so the temperature of the greenhouse can be better controlled. This will reduce the need for ventilation, thereby reducing the loss of CO2, in the greenhouse.

  • Higher PAR value, faster growth, and more harvest PPFD reaches 1000-1500umol/m2/s;

  • Longer warranty 6 years(design lifespan at Q9060,000 hours)

  • Compared with HPS, 20% energy consumption can be saved

  • The smart lighting management system with automatic dimming linked with DLI is optional, APP with PAD provide together.




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