Greenhouses located all over the world have different applications for horticulture lights due to their different latitudes and different sunlight period. In the greenhouses, the main applications include photoperiod supplement light and DLI supplement light. LeDinPro greenhouse series horticulture lights have strong and stable performance and optimized spectrum, which can meet the light supplement of greenhouse projects all over the world.

Vertical Farm

Occupy the least area of land and get the greatest food output. This is the core of the development of vertical farms. In the actual operation of a vertical farm, due to the limited space between the upper and lower layers, if you want to maximize vegetable production, you need to reduce the space occupied by other equipment as much as possible to make more space for vegetable growth. The LeDinPro vertical farm plant light series adopts ultra-thin design, easy installation and cost saving. Help growers to further challenge the limit of output per unit of arable land.

Indoor Farm

Light, CO2, temperature, humidity and nutrient solution. Create a microclimate cultivation project in a fully enclosed and controllable environment to improve the quality and increase the frequency of harvest. The LeDinPro indoor horticulture light has limited heat radiation, high efficiency, and energy saving. Let the indoor planting system be fully effective.