Customer Requirement Confirmation

Fully investigating and understanding your product idea and your value objective. Create holistic solution program with feasible plan. Whole program is digital display and managed.

Product Planning

Market research Market environment survey Competitor analysis Baseline survey

Scheme Design

Market is changing constantly, as well as technics. To be competitive and to be unique in market, your product has to be updated with the latest technics. R&D in LeDinPro is always in leading.


Structure mold manufacturing Electronic development debugging Optical development debugging Trial produce internal Sample product

Test and Evaluation

Reliability test sample making Reliability & compatibility test Customer experience evaluation Basic product documents generating: (including but not limited to electronic, structure, optics, program software and QC inspection standard files )

Product Certification

Application Form Comparison chart Certification & report

Small Batch Production

Production launch (Physical product or high-resolution photo,Brochure, Datasheet ,Installation manual) Small batch trial production Small batch trial production summary (Perfect production process card,Small batch trial production report ) Optimization and improvement

Mass Production

Experienced assemble line workers, modernized management, fully equipped workshop, real time surveillance and emergency response mechanism. We make our supply reliable!

Specialized Sales and After-service Team

Quick response, always! Well trained service team understand your requests and fully consider on your standpoint. Not only response on your question and but think ahead with the true solution.

Complete and Strict QC Inspection Process

The most strictly managed department. Terminator of potential risks. Advanced control mechanism, close ring management, liability mechanism.

Logistics Advantage

Quick pass, Seamless connection, contracted freight. With LeDinPro contracted logistic service, your delivery will be safe and on time. Worldwide door to door service. Simply consider it done.