This type led farm lighting plan for the Broiler farm, the length of a conventional broiler farm is about 120m, and the width is about 12m, lighting plan can be designed with two rows of LED fixtures, and each row is driven by one driver, and each row fixtures are connected in series; The length of the light fixture is 1500mm, power 15w, lighting plan with total 26 lights in two rows can meet the needs of the broiler farm lighting standard 30-50 lux.

  • 95% high-efficiency constant current driver without flicker, light efficiency is 140lm/W, which saves 10%-15% electricity costs

  • Integrated body design without dirt retention, easy to clean. IP69K waterproof level, anti-ammonia, and corrosive-gas resistance

  • 160° beam angle with lens,>0.8 uniformity, increasing >25% uniformity compared with non-lens light

  • Famous brand Inventronics driver, high reliability, certified with UL, CB, CE, UK, ENEC, global-MARK, and other certifications; Lifespan L70>50000H,5-year warranty.




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