LEDINPRO-374 is not limited to just a tool. It will completely awaken your aquarium space. The ultimate color rendering, as if being under tropical sunlight. Both fish and sea plants present a lively ecology, and all details are vivid. While you enjoy the ultimate visual experience, the fish eyes won’t be stimulated. They will grow healthily in comfortable light environment. Intelligent control, realistic scenes simulation of sunrise and sunset, empowering an unprecedented aquatic aquarium experience.

  • Sunlike LED- High color rendering index; Presenting realistic colors of fishes and plants;

  • Pure natural light, no flicker;

  • Optimized spectrum and lighting distribution won't hurt fishes’ eyes;

  • Upgraded high permeability glass tube. Reliable and efficient;

  • P68. Silicone seal. Safe for long term underwater operating;

  • Multiple heat dissipation design. Life span extended;

  • Online electric switch with timer function. Greatly increasing reliability and stability.

  • 24 Hours timer function on App. Simulation of sunrise and sunset.

  • Special design with side outlet cable. More in line with the rationality of the underwater installation.

  • Reasonable arrangement of LEDS. Obtain more uniform light



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