A full spectrum LED grow light designed with algorithmically positioned Samsung diodes to maximize plant yields. Features a proprietary driver that enables dimming, and daisy-chaining, and can connect with our smart controllers. Built on a fanless, unibody aluminum board to dissipate heat and extend the diodes’ lifetime. All components are sealed to IP-66 standards to maintain peak performance even in a growing environment with higher temperatures and humidity. Includes a pair of metal bar hangers and rope hangers. This LED grow fixture is designed for grow tents with interior reflective Mylar lining and is used to cultivate a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

  • 1. Dimmable LED grow light designed with an optimized spectrum and diode positioning, to maximize plant yields.

  • 2. Specially formulated with full-spectrum Samsung white, red, and IR LEDs optimized for all growth stages.

  • 3. Algorithmically positioned diodes create the most uniform PAR map and the deepest canopy penetration.

  • 4. Dimmer enables 0 to 100% brightness. Can connect with our smart controllers to access grow cycles, scheduling, and app.

  • 5. Constructed on a unibody aluminum board and IP-66 rated for growing environments with higher humidity and heat.




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