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  2019 /2/12





A large number of production practices and scientific research in agricultural production have proved that led grow lights can not only increase crop yield, shorten planting cycle, but also effectively improve crop quality, which is an important guarantee for efficient production of modern agriculture. In the process of seedling and greenhouse crop management, led grow light for seedlings and full spectrum led grow light supplements light, which can promote the growth and development of crops and change the yield, shape and physiological indexes of crops. So why use grow lights to plant green leafy vegetables?


1. Good quality

Leafy vegetables are more edible plants with stems and leaves. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce and lettuce, which are mainly raw food, require fresh, clean and non-polluting products. Traditional vegetable cultivation is easily polluted by the environment, causing excessive levels of heavy metals and pesticides to exceed the standard. In contrast, plants grow under led grow light indoor farm are better in quality, cleaner, fresher, better in taste and superior in quality.

2. Adapt to market demand

Leafy vegetables are not easy to store, so annual production is required to meet market demand. Soil cultivation of leafy vegetables is cumbersome, and it requires land preparation, planting, fertilization, watering, etc. The indoor soilless cultivation is very simple, and it is only necessary to implant the seedlings into the planting holes to complete the planting. For example, lettuce can be sown, planted, and harvested every day, and continuously produced continuously. Therefore, indoor planting is more convenient for gargle arrangement, which is suitable for planned and contractual production.

3. Solve the problem of vegetable supply

Leafy vegetables are generally short, and there is no need to add too many plants grow lights, so the facility investment is less than that of fruits and vegetables. Vertical farm vegetables using LED grow light has a short growth cycle, fast turnover and high yield.

4. High economic efficiency

Vertical farm water culture leafy vegetables can avoid continuous damage and the multiple cropping index is high. The operating rate of the facility is up to 20 times a year, thus improving the economic efficiency of production. Therefore, leafy vegetables are generally used in hydroponics.