What Are the Differences Between LED Grow Lights and HPS




-Author :LeDinPro


 August 27, 2019


Growers keep looking for the best method to optimize the cultivation effect, lower the risks and improve the output. It could be realized by prediction reinforcement, period production, and growing high quality crops, etc.




They hope to control investment and operation cost to the utmost extent and learn how to use LED to improve performance. A successful cultivating solution by using LED lighting could bring you advantages as follow:


Individual Control Light and Heat

High radiant heat brings heat threat and even harm to plants. By using LED, you can individually control light and heat. For example, you can increase light while the radiant heat is 67% lower than HPS lamp. Lower crops temperature means you have to increase the ambient temperature in greenhouse and control the humidity correspondingly.


LED grow light VS HPS


More Light, Less Radiant Heat

To know how to use LED for cultivation is very important. Through the comparison of energy conservation between LED and HPS lamp, it is found that the light and heat they transform from electricity are different. Based on the same electricity, LED module produces more light and less radiant heat. So it is needed to know this before implementing new cultivation strategy.