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  2019 /2/12




Most growers are not unfamiliar with full spectrum led grow light, but a large percentage of growers believe that the cost of using led grow light for vegetables is high, or they think their plants do not need to fill light. So let's calculate the cost of using a led grow light. First, let's take a look at what changes will be made to plants by using led grow lights. 

1. LED grow lights instead of sunlight to provide illumination for plant growth and development

According to the law of plant growth, plant growth must require sunlight, and LED artificial grow light source instead of sunlight provides illumination for plant growth and development.

2. Energy saving, ensuring optimal growth efficiency of plants

After several generations of upgrades, the LED grow lights has been developed, which not only saves energy but also gives the plant the best growth efficiency and the required nutrient light. Currently, The LED plant grow lights are the most popular grow lights in the market of North America and Europe.

3. Solving the problem of tomato cucumber taste loss caused by insufficient sunshine

After application testing, the wavelength of the full spectrum LED grow light is very suitable for plant growth, flowering and results. Applying this high-efficiency light source system to agricultural production such as indoor farm and greenhouses can solve the problem of reduced taste of tomatoes and cucumbers caused by insufficient sunshine.

4. Reduce transportation costs and ensure the long-term supply of vegetables

LED grow lights control plant growth by regulating light. The ability to consistently grow vegetables locally represents a major breakthrough for humanity. The led grow lights allow people to grow food indoors and make full use of waste space, and removing transportation costs from the food chain is also a major breakthrough. The growth lamp increases the density of food production by a factor of ten, which is of great significance. Some places in the environment where there are deficiencies,Plant factories will continue to expand to provide food for the public and those who need special nutrition.

5. Reduce growth time, increase production, increase revenue

The led grow lights can maximize plant growth and increase plant production efficiency according to the growth characteristics of plants. Compared with traditional planting, the production capacity is 30% higher and the nutritional value is higher. The market price of the product is also about 20% higher than that of the traditionally planted plants. If it is planted in a large area, the contrast effect will be very obvious.

Then, after talking about the benefits of using it, what should be the cost of using the led grow lights? As the third generation of energy-saving lamps, LED plant lights are characterized by energy saving. And solar photovoltaic power generation can also be used as auxiliary energy for plant lights, which can achieve super energy-saving effect and increase plant production efficiency. In fact, the cost of using plant lights is not high.