Quality Creates lasting Influence- Protection Level



Author :LeDinPro

December 29, 2020


When we buy electronic products, one of the product specifications that we often see is IPXX. Similarly, in the field of our grow lights, this is also a common parameter to evaluate and judge whether a product meets the actual application of the scene.


led grow light IP66 test


When we grow in greenhouses and indoors, we require to maintain a certain humidity. And after long-term operation of the greenhouse, all equipment should be maintained. One of them is to clean the plant lights. At this time, lamps with IP66 protection level will bring great benefits to maintenance staff. They can directly use the high-pressure water gun to clean the lamps without worrying about damage.

What is the IP protection level?

Basic definition of protection level

International Protection Marking (International Protection Marking, IEC 60529) is also known as Ingress Protection Rating or IP Code. Sometimes referred to as "waterproof grade", "dustproof grade", etc., it defines the degree to which mechanical and electronic equipment can provide against solid foreign objects (including body parts such as fingers, dust, grit, etc.), liquid penetration, and accidental contact. Protection ability.

LeDinPro products generally use IP66. From the waterproof level test method, let's compare the differences between IPX5 and IPX6:

In order to achieve high protection standards, what innovations have been made in the structural design of LeDinPro products?

Waterproof fixtures usually use a glued structure. LeDinPro has improved on the traditional glued structure, using less glue and higher bonding reliability, so that the waterproof quality of mass-produced fixtures hardly fluctuates. Secondly, an innovative glue-free waterproof structure is used in the newly developed structure, and a glue-free waterproof structure is realized by using the cooperation between the structural parts and the silicone rubber seal.

How does LeDinPro ensure that mass-produced products fully implement process standards?


LeDinPro has established a multi-dimensional, closed-loop management process technology standard. The strictly operating quality and process management department conducts regular training for the workers at production lines, guides the workers to operate, and strictly implements the operating specifications. Emphasize the principle of "quality first".


At the same time, it constantly summarizes and optimizes operation methods to improve worker skills. Increase process improvement and continuously improve production efficiency. At the same time, the maintenance, cleaning, inspection and calibration of equipment are carried out seriously. Ensure that problems are discovered in advance and resolved in time.