What kind of lights do you need for a fish tank?


As we all know, in the aquarium market, the aquarium light is the necessary facility of fish tank. So what kind of lights do fish tanks need?



Firstly, the color rendering of the lamp is very important; For landscape water plants, high color rendering will make the green water plants more green, the colorful water plants more ruddy, and can perfectly reflect the body color of ornamental fish, but also has a certain hair color function.


Secondly, The aquarium light needs to have perfect precision control ability. Currently, the fish tank lamp on the market adopts the wire-controlled timer timing scheme and the integrated single product machine has its own crystal oscillator scheme. The precision of the clock crystal oscillator is poor, with an average accuracy gap of 7-10 minutes a day, a few hours a month, timing failure, time disorder and uncontrolled.


The color of fish could fade easily when exposed to bright light for a long time, so timing is important for aquarium lights. The timer switch function can be set to simulate the all-weather sunrise and sunset state to create a better ecological environment for fish. The process of sunrise and sunset adopts half an hour linear gradient, which highly restores the ecological and natural laws.


Aquarium lights need eye protection without stroboscopic, close to natural soft light; And each light adjustment can achieve gradual change, at the same time, it needs to be equipped with a soft linear dimming scheme, to avoid the conflict of sudden dimming effect, so that the fish are frightened.


AquarFlex is all-new fish tank light, with stable and high-quality light output. The type of professional lighting fixtures is necessary for aquarium fish tanks. The full spectrum and blue night mode are suitable for all-day aquarium lighting needs. Integrated expandable brackets are stable and reliable with a beautiful appearance. Adjustable length from 23.6 '' to 47.2 '' is suitable for a wider range of tank sizes. With the diming and timer, you can choose 6/8/10/12 hours four gears, according to the 24-hour cycle system. In sunrises, the light will gradually change linearly from 0-100% in half an hour. Sunset, the lights will advance half an hour at the set time and begin a linear gradient from 100-0%.