The Influence of Sunlight on Animals is Extremely Profound and Extensive

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The influence of sunlight on animals is extremely profound and extensive; On the one hand, the time and intensity of solar radiation directly affect animal behavior, animal growth and development, reproduction and health.  


Studies have shown that increased sunlight increases poultry productivity. Increasing the amount of light given to hens can increase their egg production. The weight of the heart and lung of young chicks is much more than that of ordinary chicks with light irradiation, and the survival rate can be improved. In addition, the hatching rate can be improved by lighting the eggs, and the chicks come out of the shell, with neat villi, high survival rate and fast weight growth.  


Increasing the light intensity of the pigpen can increase the weight of piglet. Increasing the light intensity of dairy barn can increase milk yield of cows. The reason why illumination improves the productivity of livestock and poultry is that illumination can increase the appetite of livestock, enhance the secretory function and motor function of intestines and stomach, deepen respiratory movement, strengthen gas metabolism, and improve the metabolism level of poultry.  


Poultry has superior visual function, an even wider visible spectrum than humans (380-760nm), and can distinguish between different colors of light.  The spirit, appetite, digestive function, growth and development, sexual maturity and laying rate of poultry will have corresponding changes after they feel different light and color. It has been proved that the time and intensity of illumination, the color and wavelength of illumination, the beginning time of illumination stimulation and the interruption of dark period all have certain effects on the growth and reproduction of poultry.