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  2018 /2/12




As is known to all, The pattern of plants is related to light. If the plant grows in the dark after seed germination, it is easy to form yellowing seedlings and the epicotyls are slender, at the same time the cotyledons are not flattened and cannot form chlorophyll. After the plants receive light, the chlorophyll is formed, the flakes begin to grow and the light will inhibit the elongation between the internodes. Therefore the branches of plants are prolonged in the weak light and shortened under the strong light. The led plant lights has the function of strengthening roots, boost, regulating flowering and color, promoting fruit ripening and coloring, and improving taste and quality. In recent years, Led growing lights have continued to sell in the world market. What are the advantages of popular indoor growing lights?



1. Uniform illumination distribution improves the quality vegetable

LED plant light illumination can guarantees a high average light spread, enabling the same level of illumination regardless of the position of the plant, which allows plants to grow at the same speed and with the same growth. Due to the high quality of LED plant growth lighting, even after many years of use, the light output can be kept at a very high level.

2.Low power consumption, high efficiency

Led grow light consumes less power than traditional fluorescent lamps. And it doesn't produce heat, so the tube can be placed close to the plant, which means more layers can be set in the same space.

3.Long service life and low cost

The lifetime of the best led grow lights is up to 50,000 hours, so it is not necessary to replace the lamp often, and there is no need to worry about the damage of the growing light.

Horticultural LED Grow Lights will play a major role in the lighting of horticultural crop production, especially in the seeding of vegetables. LED plant lights provide photosynthesis to plants, promote plant growth, reduce the time spent on plant flowering, and increase production. To learn more about led grow light for indoor plants, please feel free to contact us.