HARVESTATION-- Smart Lighting Management System for Greenhouse

HarveStation is a smart lighting management system. It not only controls the dimming of fixture, but also develops detailed lighting strategies. It supports lighting partition control, full cycle control, sunlight DLI data statistics, temperature, and humidity data statistics. It can effectively balance sunlight and artificial lighting and save lighting energy consumption to the maximum extent. Statistics can also help growers better improve their lighting strategies and gain more productivity.


  • Detect sunlight Par value, and record sunlight DLI data statistically.
  • According to the set DLI requirements, the artificial light illumination is automatically adjusted according to the change of sunlight.
  • One set system can wirelessly control up to 40 lighting zones.
  • One lighting zone can control up to 300 fixtures.
  • The industrial-grade encrypted Zigbee wireless communication protocol is adopted in the system, and the recorded data can be stored in the cloud, which is safe and reliable.
  • All controllers of the system can reach IP66 protection level, easy to clean.

Technical Principle

Host controller: Host controller is the core control unit of the system. It will collect the data always sent from the PAR and Temp/Humi detector, then control the dimming and archive the data statistics according to the requirements set by the program.Host controller can connect to the Internet through a network cable or WIFI signal and save the lighting strategy and statistical data configured by user to the cloud.

PAR and Temp/Humi detector: The PAR Temp/Humi detector is the data collection unit of the system. it collects sunlight PAR data all the time to form DLI statistics. It also collects temperature and humidity data near the detector. Users can view historical data statistics through the software. It can display the statistics of the current day, the current month and the current year.

Dimming Controller: Dimming controller is the executive dimming unit of the system. It can output 0-10V dimming signal to control the light output of the fixture which are connected to it. Dimming controller is controlled by the host controller, which communicates wirelessly with the host controller through Zigbee.

Dimming Amplifier: Dimming amplifier is the dimming expansion unit of the system. One end is connected to the diming controller, the other end is connected to the next dimming amplifier, and the output end is connected to the fixtures. The dimming amplifier can still output 0-10V dimming signal to control the fixtures.

The sunlight in the greenhouse will cause a certain amount of light loss after penetrating the top glass and truss. It is recommended to install the PAR Temp/Humi detector inside the greenhouse. Below the glass, above the sunshade. It can be located slightly higher than the truss. After the PAR Temp/Humi detector works normally, it will collect the sunlight data after penetrating the glass and form a statistical record for the grower to query. When in DLI control mode, the host controller can control light dimming based on the changes in sunlight collected by the PAR Temp/Humi detector.

In DLI control mode, user can control the lights working time. During the photoperiod set by the user, the fixture will provide supplemental lighting when the sunlight is weak, and the fixture will turn off when the sunlight increases. The system will comprehensively calculate the DLI data provided by sunlight and artificial light, and dynamically change the brightness of the light.

In DLI control mode, when the system detects that the sunlight data is too low, it will judge that it is currently cloudy, and the lights will be turned on to provide supplemental lighting.

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