01What is 333 smart control system ?

333 Smart control system is a grow lights control system originally developed and produced by LeDinPro. It is mainly applied in greenhouses, indoor farms, and spectrum (light recipe) research.

02What does the system do ?

Timer. Automatically switch ON&OFF according to the photoperiod preset. -Dimming. User can manually adjust the brightness, or leave it to the system. It will automatically adjust the dimming according to the lighting strategy preset. -Daylight PPFD monitoring. Record and display the daylight DLI curve. -Predict daylight for the next 7 days and adjust the lighting strategy. -According to the changing of daylight, adjust the requested DLI and control lights to meet the demand of supplemental lighting.

03Can the system match my current lights? Do I have to buy grow lights from LeDinPro ?

At present, the control system we developed is a closed protocol and only supports LedinPro products.

04How to decide the number of hosts, controllers, sensors, and lights that are needed? What services do you provide?

We have a professional engineering team who can help you to design lighting solutions and give suggestions on application of the 333 control system, They can tell you the quantity, models, accessories, installation, and more. You only need to communicate with our business representative and tell us your requirements and share information of your project like layout , dimension, crop variety, grow environment, etc. A CAD file is preferred.