01What’s the advantage of the FarmLite with wide beam angle?

Designed with a wide beam angle that allows very efficient use by spreading the light evenly across the full width of a poultry house/farm house from a centrally mounted, single row of luminaires. This avoids the hotspots and dark areas typical of batten or pendant lighting and is likely to reduce litter usage.

02Can the FarmLite be washed by high water pressure?

It is designed as high protective level IP67, withstand washing with high water pressure.

03Is it Ammonia Proof?

Our FarmLite - 365 is designed for the poultry industry and common farm house, to accept the harsh environment. High protective level IP67 which means potted, corrosion-proof, clear tube made of impact resistant Acrylic (PMMA) gives protection against ingression of harming substances and fluids, protected against the degrading effects of Ammonia produced by poultry.

04Why it can be installed with high efficiency?

It can be installed as a single row down the centre or near-centre of the house. This allows for faster installations with fewer materials and lower labour costs than a multi-row system.